Ashalt Repair



It is a product designed to repair in an instant and permanent way asphalt, macadam, concrete and other surfaces. The product adheres to metal, concrete and composite materials, and is not subject to shrinkage, attrition or separation of liquid and aggregate.
ASPHALT A COLD is used for restoration work in general and for the instant and permanent repair of holes, cracks and broken areas of any shape, depth or size in macadam and asphalt without the need to make cuts. It can be applied in any weather conditions, at temperatures between -45 ° C and +60 ° C. THE COLD ASPHALT
it is ready to use and is applied cold, without mixing. Immediately after the compaction work, the sheltered area can be opened to traffic, without the product being removed or furrowed. COLD ASPHALT is widely used in motorways, airport runways, rest areas, roads, harbors, automobile circuits, courtyards, car parks, service stations, etc.
is composed of a combination of selected aggregates of granite or basalt and a special binder liquid consisting of penetration bitumen, resins, adhesives and other additives. The largest aggregate measures 5 mm and the product is used to repair holes with more than 1 cm depth; this aggregate has a C.L.A. (Accelerated Smoothing Coefficient) compliant with the standards
It is not necessary to mix the product because it is ready for use.

Technical Datasheet (PDF download)