All Fonderie Belli products’ design is realized by a professional Technical team, in accordance to the ISO 9001: 2015 certified procedure that ensures the final quality of the project, in order to respect the customer’s request and the expected performance.

Fonderie Belli entire production is processed and implemented by the Technical office that plan, calculate, provide for technical drawings and make loading tests thanks to an integrated and efficient internal structure that follows the production process from the first prototype to the Certification of the final product.

The technical office activity begins with an analysis of the customer’s request through a modern software that analyse, evaluate and simulate the final product performances.

At the end of this process, diagrams, drawings and support for the product installation are provided.

The technical team carry out all the management-control activities, as well as the final check of the products’ quality thanks to the assistance of a team of qualified professionals that work together in order to verify the correspondence between the final product and the UNI EN 124-2:2015 regulations through documentary and dimensional checks and a final load test that is carried out in Fonderie Belli laboratory, inside the company.

We are not limited to the production and marketing of ductile iron manhole covers and PVC steps. Our philosophy includes three phases:

  • 1. Design

  • 2. Quality Check


  • 3. Post -Sale Assistance