FONDERIE BELLI has its origin from a production branch of Fonderie Viterbesi Company, in particular it is focused on the design, production and marketing of ductile iron manhole covers and gratings.

The key roles of the organization in the company are covered by the old personnel of Fonderie Viterbesi.

This sector is strengthened by the certification of products which are designed, manufactured and sold under FONDERIE BELLI branch. For this purpose, growing resources have been dedicated to improve the quality of products and services. In fact, FONDERIE BELLI Management, promotes the Quality System through the commitment of all those who work in the company and for the company. This requires the involvement of everyone in the Company being aware of his/her role and responsibility in achieving the Quality target and its continuous improvement.

To achieve this goal, FONDERIE BELLI Company have defined the following Quality Policy:

  1. Quality System – Maintaining a Certified Quality System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 Standard and control that all future revisions will be implemented.
  2. Quality and Improvement – Performing a continuous Quality improvement activity, defining methods, programs and indicators to optimize the production process through constant resources investments.
  3. Customer satisfaction – constantly monitoring the customer satisfaction degree in order to improve the quality level externally perceived, avoiding complaints and respecting the delivery time, supplying to the customer a high value product and service.
  4. Supply chain – Checking the mistakes made by third parties, through a control System of Suppliers’ performance and Quality of the supplied materials through a continuous consciousness of the Suppliers about the company Quality Policy pursued by FONDERIE BELLI.
  5. Global Quality Control – Eliminating the Products non-conformities through controls in the various production phases to avoid product defects, minimize waste, avoiding complaints, returns and problems related to the conformity and low Product Quality.
  6. Staff growth and participation – Improving the skills and involvement of the Company Human Resources encouraging their participation and sharing the Quality objectives through training, supervision and effective communication.

The Quality system creates reputation and reliability. In FONDERIE BELLI Company, the commitment of all participants in the Value Chain is necessary in order to ensure that the Quality Policy is received, implemented and spread. In FONDERIE BELLI, each of us has the commitment, the motivation and the involvement to achieve and share the Quality objectives. The company management promotes the Quality Policy and make sure that it is assimilated and shared at all organization levels.