Are specialized in the production and selling of ductile iron manhole covers, gratings, sea bollards, mechanical components and pvc manhole steps.

Manhole covers, gullies and gratings can be distinguished into the following classes: A15, B125, C250, D400, E600 ed F900.

Group 6

(Class F900)

Areas subject to particularly high loads , e.g air port runways.

Group 5

(Class E 600 minimum)

Areas subject to high loads, e.g. ports and airports.

Group 4

(Class D 400 minimum)

Road carriageways (including pedestrian streets), hard shoulders and parking areas for all types of road vehicles.

Group 3

(Class C 250 minimum)

For gullies installed in kerbside channels of the pavement which , extends to
0.5 m in the road and to 0.2 m top on the pavement, when measured from the edge.

Group 2

(Class B 125 minimum)

Footways, pedestrian areas or similar, car parks and drop off points, multi store car parks.

Group 1

(Class A15 minumum)

areas which can be used exclusively by pedestrians and cyclists.