Corner Beads for edges seaport dock


The corner bead in ductile iron conforming to norm EN GJS 500-7 according to standard UNI EN 1563:201,  complete with steel anchor brackets and anti-slip grip, with the possibility of personalized logos and lettering.

The corner bead produced by FONDERIE BELLI represents indeed an innovative product within the supplies of quay furnitures, since, exploiting all the advantages of spheroidal cast iron with which is made, it ensures practicality and installation versatility, which would not be possible with the classic steel corner bead.

The production process of our ductile iron manhole covers, thanks to the use of models that can be changed and customized in terms of sizes and aesthetic appearance, ensures both a better safety of the corner bead with the application of an anti-skid pattern in relief, both the customization of the aesthetical appearance with any kind of label or logo; in addition, it is possible to adapt the product to the geometric features of the dock in which will be installed, being able to vary the bending radius, wall thickness and cut length; also the special male/ female matching of the edge protector gives to the installer more accuracy and installation ease.

in this sense, our technical department is always available to realize products according to the specifi c customers’ requirements.

The choice of a ductile iron corner bead is good also in terms of economic impact on the project; actually, the particular oxidation process of cast iron as a high percentage iron-carbon alloy and its special epoxy painting surface protection ensure little salinity aggression and high performance resistance to corrosion, comparable to ‘aisi316 steel, which is commonly used for this kind of product, but with signifi cantly higher costs to sell.

Technical Datasheet (PDF download)