How to take the measures of manhole covers and gratings


The surveyor Andrea has considered the measures taken by the master mason foreman and then he realized that the purchased manhole covers and gratings are too small. What happened?

Read the case study so you can better orientate in your products choice.


The surveyor Andrea had to place some manholes covers and gratings in a new residential district of Rome providing, at the time of request, the specific measures taken by his master mason site.


Fonderie Belli asked the Surveyor Andrea how he measured the sides of the manhole covers and the gratings and if he has also considered the support area.


Upon the arrival at the construction site, the manhole covers and gratings were too small because the foreman mason had not considered the support area while measuring.

Problem Solving

Fonderie Belli, in these cases, as well as for badly quantified supplies (in excess or in default) adopt the free return policy and the same price for quantifications in defect than the number of the requested pieces.

Do not worry, we can solve the problem together.

Lesson to Learn

Problems of this kind happen on a daily basis.

So, if you are going to make a request for a supply, ask for the consultancy service in order to avoid these kinds of problems. Together, at the request stage, we will check the following:


  • the correct method to measure the manhole cover net opening;
  • the correct usage according to the Standard;
  • the correct choice of the product according to the real usage.

In addition, we will also be able to provide an after-sales assistance service in supplying and checking the installation with our technicians directly in site.